41st Annual EAIR Forum 2019 Leiden: Responsibility of Higher Education Systems: What? Why? How?

Am 25.08.2019 - 28.08. in Leiden
Steenschuur 25, 2311 ES Leiden, Leiden University, Leiden Law School, The Kamerlingh Onnes Building
Veranstalter: EAIR - The European Higher Education Society Linking research, policy and practice
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    The higher education system and higher education institutions have had two main missions over the centuries: performing scientific research and teaching young scientists.
    In recent decades, the roles of the universities became more diverse. Not in the last place because society changed. Today we live in a knowledge society, in which knowledge is no longer produced exclusively in universities. Students are no longer being educated only for science, but also for professional roles in other public or private organizations. The university walls have broken up and a large number of tasks and missions have been added to performing research and teaching students.

    The higher education system is faced with an ever-increasing number of demands. Politics, society, economy and science have different demands on the higher education institutions. Global challenges and pressing social issues are addressed to the higher education system. Universities and universities of applied sciences are tackling these challenges. On the one hand they take over responsibility and on the other hand they are responsible.

    Higher education institutions take over responsibility for internationalisation, for society and for the labour market. In other words: for an innovative future. The higher education system is not only responsible for the development of its students and for scientific research, but also for the transfer of knowledge, technology and ideas.But what does responsibility mean in this context? What is the responsibility of the higher education system? What do higher education institutions take responsibility for? What is a responsible university? Why is responsibility taken at all? Are universities nowadays more responsible for society, students and staff, than in the past? How can responsible research and teaching be designed? How can global challenges being faced by responsible universities? How can governance help higher education institutes being responsible and take over responsibility? And what does this all mean for the organization and administration levels?

    Above all, the question arises as to how responsibility can be assumed and how the universities deal with the manifold requirements, challenges and missions. The 41st EAIR Forum addresses the responsibility of higher education systems in three main questions: What? Why? How? We are looking for answers on pressing questions, on experiences of universities, their members and their stakeholders, on lessons learned, discussions and exchange about the topic of responsibility of the Higher Education System.

    The tracks of this conference allow a variety of perspectives on this subject. This makes it possible to recognize the diverse excellence of the higher education system and higher education institutions worldwide.

    • Track 1  – Responsible Governance
    • Track 2  – Responsible Management
    • Track 3  – Quality Management for Responsible Higher Education
    • Track 4  – Responsible Teaching and Learning
    • Track 5  – Institutional Research for Responsibility
    • Track 6  – Responsibility for Continuous Professional Development
    • Track 7  – Responsibility of Higher Education for Society and Labour Market
    • Track 8  – Responsibility for Internationalization
    • Track 9  – Responsibility of (Applied) Research
    • Track 10 – Responsibility for an Innovative Future


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