CALL FOR PAPERS: Blockchain and Education Technology

Am 20.11.2018
Veranstalter: Journal of Higher Education Research
Kategorie: Call for Papers

The Journal of Higher Education Research intends to examine the various application fields of Blockchain and Education Technology in a special issue.
Topics may include:

  • Educational technologies and models of integration in diverse learning environments,
  • Possible application areas of Blockchain in education and description of models where Blockchain-based technology in education will be or already is deployed,
  • Description of innovations which might be applied in the higher education sector in future from an international perspective,
  • Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and risks of educational and Blockchain-based technologies,
  • The relevance of digital technologies in reference to the future of higher education,
  • New models of higher education with regard to structure, form, and process which take advantage of digital technologies.

The publishers welcome different types of manuscripts such as articles providing an overview of a particular topic, research articles, research notes, and insights into practice (see “Guidelines for authors”). We ask all authors interested in publishing a manuscript to hand in an abstract (up to 600 words) with the basic outlines of the proposed manuscript until November 20, 2018. All abstracts will be reviewed by the publishers to see whether the proposed subject matter is eligible and suitable for publication. If this is the case, the author will be invited to hand in a full article until March 20, 2019, which will be subjected to a blind peer-review by independent experts.


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