SFDN 2019 Conference: How research on learning contributes to university teaching practice

Am 22.02.2019 in Zürich
ETH Zürich
Veranstalter: ETH Zurich | LET (Educational Development and Technology)
Kategorie: Tagung

Educational development at universities focuses primarily on the professional development of university educators. The positive effects of educational developers’ work are mostly discernible in the revision of degree programmes and courses, in changes made to learning activities and forms of performance assessment, and in the introduction of new teaching and learning forms. The aim of all of these is to improve the learning processes and learning success of students. To judge the effectiveness of organisational and pedagogical change, however, it is necessary to collect and present evidence on their actual impact on and sustainability with regard to student learning. Here the approaches and concepts of “learning science” may very usefully broaden research into teaching and learning.

The SFDN Conference 2019 is an opportunity for educational developers and university teachers to come together, exchange experiences and – deploying the results of their own practice-oriented investigations – to draw conclusions which will benefit current developments in university teaching. The 2019 conference will target both conceptual and didactic changes in higher education, and their consequences for student learning processes.


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