CALL FOR CONTRIBUTIONS: 52nd eucen conference: University Lifelong Learning for increased participation, performance and partnership

Am 31.03.2020
Veranstalter: eucen
Kategorie: Call for Papers

Participation, Performance and Partnership are both aspirational challenges and urgent imperatives in the context of a rapidly changing world that demands higher education institutions to be intelligent, responsive and proactive actors in helping society address the myriad social, economic and environmental issues we face today. Participation by all in reaching solutions for all, has to trump entrenched and adversarial position taking in the face of a real and imminent existential crisis. Performance that is non-partisan, committed, focused on solutions and informed by evidence and best practice, knowledge based and respectful of all traditions needs to be deployed to help steer humanity from the precipice. Partnership based on mutual respect, consent, and inclusion is essential in order for the whole of society to be harnessed in a way that benefits the whole of society. University lifelong learning is a key catalyst in helping to create the conditions of participation, performance and partnership that society needs now.

University lifelong learning has to embrace a participation, performance and partnership paradigm to respond and act by strengthening quality, access and collaborations through better forms and content, through effective and innovative modes of delivery, by responding to the urgent need of learners, learning communities and society at large. eucen’s most recent Position Paper on the Sustainable Development Goals, emphasises the role of participation, performance and partnership in shaping lifelong learning to urgently address the UN Agenda 2030 on the SDGs and their 17 goals. Universities are just one actor, hence the need for partnerships, commitments to optimal performance and the participation of the widest possible range of actors.

eucen considers universities as important players in increasing participation and performance in education, however, collaboration with other willing stakeholders (including, but not restricted to, other educational providers, local authorities, state agencies, non-governmental organisations, industry, intergovernmental organisations, etc.) is often the key to success.

This conference will focus on trends in university lifelong learning in the frame of three particular streams to highlight some key areas for action. Therefore, we welcome papers and presentations that address participation, performance and partnership within the following main streams:

    • University Lifelong Learning in learning cities;
    • Universities promoting inclusive education and community engagement;
    • Universities’ roles in the development of work-based learning.

Deadline for the submission: 11 September 2020

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