+++verschoben+++ Philosophy and Theory of Higher Education Conference (PHEC)

Am 19.10.2020 - 20.10. in Uppsala
University Main Building, Uppsala University, 752 36 Uppsala, Schweden
Veranstalter: Uppsala University
Kategorie: Tagung

We are living in unsettling times. After much consultation and deliberation, we have decided to postpone the Universities Under Siege? conference scheduled to be held in Uppsala 19-20 October. Like you, we are concerned about the Covid-19 virus, and also like you, we are anxiously observing ongoing developments. We have reorganised the conference to take place either on 4-5 or 11-12 October 2021. Papers accepted for this year are automatically accepted for next year.

Universities under siege?

“The crisis of the university” is a familiar topos in contemporary discussions about higher education. It is said that the University is facing untold threats from, inter alia, the anti-intellectualism of populist politicians and authoritarian regimes, the commodification of knowledge resulting from neo-liberal ideas about utility and international competition, the politicization of teaching and learning arising out of identity movements, the fragmenting of the university in response to stakeholder demands, and so forth. This conference poses the question: Is this really the case? And, if so, what exactly is being threatened?


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