World Learning Summit 2020 Digital – "Beyond Corona: Digital learning: Policy, theory and practice for the future"

Am 21.10.2020 - 22.10. in Online
Veranstalter: University of Agder, Norway – Future Learning Lab
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WLS 2020 Digital

WLS 2020 Digital replaces our original conference from May this year, cancelled due to Corona. It is our10th anniversary running this small and quite international conference. Accordingly, we have asked a number of past keynote speakers to return and reflect with us and attending publics to reflect on lessons learned from the COVID-19 lock-down in March 2020. Where might we be headed? What is "that new normal" that so many are talking about?

In our conference in 2014 we were among the first in the Nordic region to address the potential of MOOCs. We did so also in 2015 and 2016, both times with Google Chief of research Peter Norvig present. Keith Devlin (Stanford University) held the talk in 2014 and returns in 2020.

Former CEO of Creative Commons Cathy Casserly joins in. CTO of Arizona State University Donna Kidwell will speak on transforming the learning conditions for 40000+ students at Arizona State University. VP of Innovations at Salesforce Phil Komarny will speak on innovating education and learning through rethinking student ownership to their own records. Phil Long from Georgetown University and University of Texas at Austin will speak on the future of student mobility and campus experience.

And there is lots more, Nordic, European and otherwise international.


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