ICDE Presidents Forum 2020

Am 25.11.2020 in Online
Veranstalter: International Council for Open and Distance Education


Education is the driver for future sustainable societies and cuts across all 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). If we disrupt education, we disrupt our future.

The Covid-19 pandemic has been a wakeup call for educational and world leaders. 

We are faced with unprecedented disruptions that are not only transforming socio-economic and governance systems worldwide, but exponentially impacting and setting back, in many cases by decades, our educational systems.

A universal call for help was raised by educational providers and governments earlier this year as they scrambled to ensure learning continues during the fall out caused by the pandemic, with the spotlight turning to the opportunities afforded through open, flexible and distant learning (OFDL) modalities. In some cases, even our OFDL colleagues experienced significant disruption and setback.

ICDE responded immediately by mobilising its global network of experts in OFDL in the #LearningTogether campaign. Now months into the global pandemic, ICDE sees this current societal disruption as an opportunity to collectively reflect on and re-imagine how we as educational leaders can re-calibrate our focus to build resilient, robust and strong educational systems that will withstand future societal challenges. And how do we learn from the experiences from the current pandemic to prepare tools and systems to reduce these?

It is within this context that the 2020 ICDE President’s Forum is framed.


This free virtual forum will call for your active participation and contribution prior to, during and after the event.

By joining the ICDE Presidents’ Forum 2020 you will:

  1. Take a central role in shaping the global conversation to ensure educational leaders worldwide are prepared to address future upheavals that will impact and hinder the delivery of open, flexible and distance learning (OFDL) to all.

  2. Share your leadership expertise in providing suggestions for actionable solutions to address these anticipated current and future challenges so that institutions globally can prepare.

  3. Be offered the opportunity to collaborate with other leaders from the ICDE institutional community to take a leading role in in advocating at the global level for capacity building on critical areas identified during Forum consultations.  


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