Teaching matters, too. Different ways of governing a disregarded institution.

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Autor*in(nen): Wilkesmann, Uwe
Jahr: 2016
Dokumenttyp: Beitrag in Herausgeberwerk oder Sammelband
Publikationstyp(en): Empirisches Dokument
Themen: Lehrende, Lernmanagementsysteme, Organisation, Personalentwicklung


The main research question of this paper will address the development and implementation of a new purpose: How can the institution ensure that ‘teaching matters, too’ , to be supported and leveraged? A related question is: Which type of governance leads to which kind of outcome? With the help of case studies in three different countries we compare the impact of different Higher Education Institutions on the governance at the meso-level of universities as organizations. We also compare at the macro-level: a quasi-market in United Kingdom, a soft governmental regime with little state regulation and low competition in Germany, and Hong Kong as a HEI in-between the two prior cases.. In the case studies it is shown that a quasi-market or a top-down regime at the macro-level typically supports transactional governance at the meso-level of the universities, and a soft governmental regime enables transformational governance. Moreover, transactional governance at the meso-level will leverage existing institutions and socialize mainstream actors, whereas transformational governance at the meso-level will enable a recursive loop to develop and will support opportunity structures for institutional entrepreneurs.


Wilkesmann, Uwe (2016). Teaching matters, too. Different ways of governing a disregarded institution. In Liudvika Leišytė & Uwe Wilkesmann (Hrsg.), Organizing Academic Work in Higher Education. Teaching, learning and identities. (S. 33-54). s.l.: Taylor & Francis. Abgerufen von http://gso.gbv.de/DB=2.1/PPNSET?PPN=859370895.

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Leišytė, Liudvika & Wilkesmann, Uwe (Hrsg.). (2016). Organizing Academic Work in Higher Education

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